Salzburg Weekend Trip – Day 1

I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog lately. I went to Salzburg last weekend with three other international students. I am still slowly recovering from the trip as it was super tiring for me. There are other things I want to blog about, but I guess you guys will have to wait 😛

Salzburg is famous for the beautiful scenery/garden/architecture. It is Mozart’s birthplace, and also where the movie Sound of Music was filmed.  It was a major city for salt trade (I think…). The literal translation of Salzburg is Salt Castle so I’m pretty sure that I remember it correctly 😛

We stayed there for Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, it was raining on Saturday. We were also a bit early, and the flowers were just about to blossom. I would really love to go back again in late April. It would be so beautiful there.

The flower was about to blossom! I was there early 😦

Same as my other trips, we left Hagenberg super early to get to Linz for train. After we got to Salzburg, we first went to our hostel to drop off our bags. The hostel was very close to the train station. However, we had first passed by a kind of ghetto area. We were a bit worried, but then the hostel turned out to be very nice. The area around the hostel was fine. I would definitely recommend it if any of you needs accommodation in Salzburg (Yoho International Youth Hostel).

We then headed toward the old town, where all the tourist attractions are. It’s too bad that we are just tourists there. I’m sure it would feel really different to live there. We passed by the Mirabellgarten (Mirabell Garden). It was beautiful there! Even though the trees were still asleep, flowers were planted in the garden already. This is the picture I took on Sunday actually. Since it was raining on Saturday, the pictures looked sad. My limited photo editing skill could not resurrect them 😛


After we got to the old town, we went straight to the tourism information center and bought a card called Salzburg card. It’s basically a tourist pass which gives you free admission to many attractions. It was totally worthwhile. As the weather wasn’t looking nice, we decided to visit museums on Saturday. We saw the Salzburg museum in the morning and Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart’s birth house) and Mozart-Wohnhaus (Mozart’s living house) in the afternoon. To be honest, they weren’t too impressive. I think I would prefer to listen to Mozart’s piece in a concert hall rather than checking out where he lived. I did see a lock of Mozart’s hair though. Well, at least, the museum claims that it’s Mozart’s 😛

Lunch was actually a very difficult thing to decide. We were so hungry but still want to find a restaurant within reasonable price range. We ended up with an Irish pub. The pizza there was just amazing! We totally did not expect that in an Irish pub. Another person ordered a drink name snakebite. It is beer mixed with cider and blackcurrant syrup. It is actually illegal in UK 😛 It did not taste too special for me though.

Irish pub!

After our quick break during lunch, we headed to the Salzburger Dom (Salzburg Cathedral). I have been to many cathedrals since I’m here. This one is in the baroque style. It’s beautiful, but not too different from other ones. See, people get immuned to beautiful things quickly 😦 One thing most cathedrals here have in common is the temperature! It seems like the heating never works well, maybe due to the big space within the cathedral, and it’s freezing in the cathedrals I have been to.

Inside of Salzburger Dom

Outside view of Salzburger Dom

Our next attraction is Mozart’s birth house. On our way there, I saw so many cute signs on the old town street!

Signs on the old town street

Signs on the old town street

Even McDonald's gets a great sign!

And… here we are!

Mozart's birth house

We were actually kind of puzzled when we first got there. On the 3rd floor, we saw the ‘Mozarts Geburtshaus’ sign. However, on the first floor, it says SPAR, which is a supermarket! haha, the entrance is actually on the left. I guess, Mozart’s birth house has become a supermarket over the years. As I mentioned, there isn’t really much about this place. After a quick tour, we headed to take a boat tour on the Salzach river. The sun was coming out, and all of a sudden everything looks so much better. I took a walk while my friends were waiting in the line. Awesome to travel with friends 😛

By the Salzach

This is one of the many bridges connecting the old and new towns. This particular one is only for pedestrians. It’s very nice.

Walking bridge

There are so many locks on the rail though. The legend is that if you write your lover’s name and yours on the lock and lock it on the net, then you two will be together forever. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not true, but it’s just a cute story 🙂

Look at all these locks!

I took many pictures of the old town in the morning, but the weather was just bad. This is probably the best picture I could get. The pictures of the fortress on Sunday was not so good due to backlight 😦 Just use your imagination! It surely looks awesome on a sunny day 🙂

View of Salzburg old town and fortress

After the boat tour, we visited the place Mozart lived before and went to a shopping mall. By the time we got back to the hostel at around 6:30, everyone was so exhausted. We took a very long break and everyone was just whining on their beds.

As professional tourists, we finally got ourselves out of bed and headed out for dinner. The fortress and churches are lit at night! Well, kind of… 😛

Fortress at night

We went for a Chinese buffet. I wasn’t expecting much, and it was ok. It was just funny that we started talking about exploring and experiencing Austria during dinner and everyone just puzzled. We were in a Chinese restaurant in Salzburg talking about discovering Austrian culture 😛

After dinner, it’s time to experience the night life in Salzburg 🙂 One of us searched up some bars in Salzburg, and we decided to check out a SEGA bar. On our way there, we met a group of girls who were having a bachelorette party. They were selling a lot of little stuff to make money for drinking 😛 One of us bought these little bottles of drinks. You are supposed to put the cap on your nose and drink it without holding the bottle. It was pretty funny 😛

Empty bottles 😛

To my surprise, there was no sonic, arcade games, or PS3 in the SEGA bar. I guess SEGA bar doesn’t need to have those stuff? Anyway, it seems like we were the oldest group in the bar XD It was kind of awkward. Later on, we went to the Irish pub we had lunch, and we felt like the youngest. The Irish bar was nice with a live band though 🙂 We headed back to the hostel after the Irish bar as it was already pretty late. We were planning to get up at 7 in the morning. It was the day light saving time for us last weekend so it actually means that we will be getting up at 6! Stay tuned for my day 2 in Salzburg and I’ll take you guys to the fortress!

Here’s part 2 of my trip 🙂


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